Trickymind Museum

Disclaimer: The minions working on our last server made a big party and destroyed everything, stuart was riding a unicorn on the hard drives and well… sometimes this happens. This page is a solution for the time beeing. We are working on a new website but for now you have here the whole information that you need for your visit.

Culture + Fun = COOLtur

Welcome to trickymind Vienna. The original place where you can come and let your imagination fly.

Curious? Sneak Peek of Trickymind

What will you find inside?

The paintings of Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh in big format (3m) illuminated with UV light.

15 New Selfie stations that complement the other 2 floors full of different motives for your pictures.

Is the girl sitting in a Frame? is she real or is she a painting?

Like in Pokemon go you will discover in some of our stations the posibility of seeing animations on the phone that are not there in real life. The minions that we talked about at the very beginning made a lot of trouble and broke the system for android. In Every IOS phone it works just great. If you don’t have one the guys on the counter will borrow you one at the beginning of you visit (one pew group) and at the end they will send you every picture and video that you made.